Can you say “the Drive show?”

Can you say “the Drive show?”  Apparently, my Kiwi Backyard Beats have been finding their way to listeners all across the country fed up with their day of work and going home to their sweeties.  Mai FM (Mor FM), Atiawa Toa FM and many trafficy vehicles have come to embrace La La La, and the requests are pouring in.

Now that ‘GO VIRAL Tour 2010’ has come and gone, my crazy Facebook continues to remind me of how amazing it was.  So many new friends, so many new fans, so many great priceless anecdotes;

…  “Anita autographed my arm at the Show;  I wanted to post it onTrade me (FYI New Zealands buy and sell Magazine), but my mum wouldn’t let me…”

… “We can’t stop singing ‘La La La’ in Math Class, so now the teachers banded it…”

…   “Maidstone will never be the same…”

7 shows, in Auckland and Wellington, they were so awesome!  Thanks so much to Paddi, Matt, Lea, Hyde, Glenn, Cory,  Ron, and all those at Dio, Papatoetoe, Taita, Maidsone, St. Joes, Naenae, Kapiti and to those who helped organise and bring so many, I will never forget you!

‘La La La’ yeeeaahhh!!!

Love you all, catch you soon! J