Music Academy Upper Hutt

Training from a Music Academy in Upper Hutt

The innovative training methods employed at Prime Music Academy in Upper Hutt ensure musical training is accessible to all people with a desire to learn. Berthold Auerbach said that music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life; an encompassing statement which highlights the enormous impact that music has in our lives.

About Prime Music Academy

Owned and operated by New Zealander, Anita Prime, who is a LAMA Los Angeles Music award winner, Anita’s music academy in Upper Hutt helps aspiring singers and musicians to reach their musical potential. Individual and group lessons are offered with generous discounts on block bookings for ten lessons. Tutors are among the best in the industry, and many of them are accomplished.

Our unique tutoring methods cater to classical, rock, jazz, and popular musical genres to name but a few. We have trained choir members, solo artists and bands and have our own acapella groups.

  • Instrument Tuition: Amongst others, we offer ukulele, piano and guitar lessons upper Hutt. These lessons cover theory, technique and practical playing.
  • Vocal Tuition: Our singing or vocal lessons in Upper Hutt tuition includes voice training, interpretation, optimal use of a PA system as well as performance development.
  • Pitch development for youngsters: For scholars aged between five and fourteen, this is a popular group activity, which encourages strong harmonies and specialised vocal arrangement. The off-spin is the increase in confidence the students experience.

About the people and staff at Prime Music Academy

All the tutors at Prime Music Academy are proficient, and most have proven themselves in the music industry. Some of our teachers have Bachelor degrees or are working towards one, or achieved a qualification in different areas from different institutes. We assist our students beyond traditional music lessons by helping them write and record their own songs too.

CEO Anita Prime has developed tutoring methods and is highly sought from as far as America, Canada and Europe.

  • Skype Lessons: For those who cannot attend lessons at one of our studios, this is the perfect solution. Our innovative Skype lesson plans enable students to achieve their musical dreams.
  • Theory Lessons: This is a great course and is based on the Eric Taylor program and covers a wide area of musical theory.
  • Workshops: Workshops give a basic introduction to a variety of instruments such as piano, bass, guitar, drums and vocals with exposure to song writing, recording and performance.

A History of Prime Music Academy

We started in Wellington as a small business run from home ten years ago and have grown into the well-known and trusted academy, which we are today. To accommodate all the aspiring students, we have two studios, one in Lower Hutt and one in Upper Hutt.

Prime Music Academy can help you achieve your musical goals. Complete our enquiry form, and we will certainly contact you to ascertain how we may be of help.