Music School Wellington

Our Music School in Wellington Offers Lessons in a Range of Disciplines

It is beneficial to work with a music school in Wellington that offers lessons in various styles and instruments. This versatility allows you to become a well-rounded performer who is multitalented and exciting.

What you can expect from Prime Music Academy Regarding Piano Teachers in Wellington

Our piano teachers are award-winning professionals who focus on building skills over time for beginners and more experienced pianists. Our teaching modules focus on the following:

  • Technique – To perform well, you must master the basics. When playing the piano, those basics include learning how to play scales, major and minor chords with their variations, and chord inversions. Our teachers also teach you how to chart songs and chords, use a metronome to play at consistent tempos and complete harmony studies. Just as important as playing is the ability to read music notation and understand basic theory. Once you have mastered these fundamental techniques, you will be able to tackle any song or style you choose.
  • Performance – If you want to perform in front of an audience, your teacher will guide you and share tips and techniques that will help you manage your performance. All our teachers perform for others and can help students navigate performance anxiety. We encourage students to perform for others and provide opportunities to work either solo or with a band.
  • Song writing and recording – Writing songs can be an amazing creative outlet for students. Whether they enjoy blues, jazz, soul, metal, pop, or reggae, they can learn to write songs for themselves and others. Our studio includes recording space where our teachers work with students to create and record demos for their professional career.

Benefits of Prime Music Academy

Our studio has grown over the past ten years from a home studio to multiple locations with both practice and recording spaces.

  • Our CEO, Anita, founded Prime Music Academy to share her experience and knowledge of music and the music industry. Anita Prime is a New Zealand singer-songwriter who won Best Music Video for “La La La” and was nominated in the Best International Artist category at 2011 LA Music Awards. Anita continues to be involved in music production and can assist students in launching their professional career in the industry.
  • The studio has a unique program designed by our CEO. The lessons are not limited to learning technique only but offer a range of skills and experience for every performer. For example, our voice lessons cover technique, performance, song writing, recording and producing, as well as harmonies. A well-rounded musical education is vital for students to enhance their existing skills and talent, and to be able to compete in the music industry.
  • Prime music is in demand, but not everyone lives near our studios. We offer Skype lessons that allow students across the globe to take advantage of the knowledge and experience of our teachers. For those in the local area, we can offer rehearsal space for hire and local studio recording time. These are not things many studios can offer their students or local musicians.

About Prime Music Academy

We have over ten years’ experience as a music studio, expanding from a single home studio into multiple locations and offering lessons online. Our teachers have a wide range of experiences, and areas of knowledge to share with students through one-on-one lessons and group workshops.

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