Music Production Schools

Professional Teachers at One of New Zealand’s Music Production Schools

Choosing from the many music production schools is challenging. As you explore different studios, consider your goals. Are you interested in a professional career, or just performing for fun? And, do you want to focus on one instrument or many? Find the right school that matches your goals.

How Much Do You Know About Wellington Music Schools?

Choosing the right music academy in Wellington is critical to your success as a performer.

  • Prime Music Academy began as a home studio focused on teaching instruments, and has evolved to multiple studios serving the Upper and Lower Hutt regions in Wellington and the Coromandel. Our CEO, Anita Prime, is an award-winning New Zealand singer-songwriter, who continues to be involved in the music industry and expanding our studio offerings.
  • The studio’s unique programs have been created by Anita, and are sought after around the world. The diverse programs in voice, piano, guitar, theory et cetera can be combined to create a plan to assist you in reaching your dreams whether those dreams are to perform solo, in a band, or to write for other singers or instrumentalists. The school also offers workshops over school holidays, so that music in Wellington continues to thrive.
  • We are pleased to be able to provide our students with recording and music production experience in our recording studio. Our teachers work with students to produce original songs and recording demos that can be used in their pursuit of a professional music career.

Understand your personal and professional music goals and then choose a music academy that offers the learning and experience you require to succeed.

Signs You Should Invest in Music Courses in NZ

If you enjoy singing or playing an instrument, then investing in music lessons will enhance what you already know. You will become more confident in your performance as you play for small and large groups.

  • Are you seriously pursuing a professional performance career? Investing in music lessons will help you grow as a performer. Your teachers will expose you to new techniques and will provide valuable feedback on your performance. At Prime Music Academy, we have helped people prepare for and get into the music industry. Our students have been finalists in both NZ and Australian Idol, while others have become international artists and top-charting bands.
  • As an artist, you want to be versatile. Versatility allows you to perform with anyone and in a variety of styles. As a professional, this may help you maintain a consistent income and prevent boredom. Working with a studio that offers a wide range of programs in a variety of mediums is beneficial because you can customise the program to your interests or areas you want to develop.
  • Not everyone lives close to the Prime Academy Studios and can take advantage of in-person lessons at our studios. Our students can be located anywhere, as we are not just a music academy in NZ. We are pleased to offer Skype sessions for students across NZ, Australia, and the world. We want everyone to be able to access our unique programming with talented and professional teachers.

Why Prime Music Academy?

Prime started as a small home studio but has expanded to offer lessons in multiple studios and online. Our unique programs have been available for over ten years, and they continue to evolve and grow to suit our student’s needs. The courses are sought after across the world, from Australia to the USA, Germany and many other countries.

We are focused on getting the results you want, contact us to set up your next music lesson.