Singing Lessons in Lower Hutt

Prime Music Academy Offers Singing Lessons in Lower Hutt

We offer outstanding guitar or singing lessons in Lower Hutt for the enthusiast or serious musician. Our cost efficient ten-week block lesson prices from Prime Music Academy, which is owned and operated by Anita Prime, brings music within reach of everyone.

What You Can Expect from Prime Music Academy Regarding a Music Lesson in Lower Hutt

Whether you are seeking piano lessons in Lower Hutt or want to improve your pitch control, our music academy can assist you. Many of our teachers have experience in performing and recording, enabling us to help students wishing to venture down the recording and performing avenue. ·

  • Teaching programme: Anita Prime, our CEO, created and developed Prime Music Academy’s highly sought-after program, which is a new curriculum, uniquely taught in an innovative way.
  • Renowned teachers: Our teachers have different levels of experience in a variety of musical disciplines, ranging from Jazz, drums, singing, theory, and more.
  • Music Industry: We assist our students and prepare them for the music industry and to produce original songs and record demos for distribution to recording studios.


Benefits of Prime Music Academy 

Here at Prime Music Academy, we are innovative in our approach, enabling many of our students to achieve their musical dreams. Understanding that passion alone is not enough; we have created a program to help dedicated students to master their voice or instrument. From there, we continue to train them and work with them in the direction of music they wish to grow. Further to this, our training programs have developed self-confidence in our students, which has benefitted them in all areas of their academic and social lives.

  • Training: We aim to educate our students on the theory around his or her chosen instrument or vocal training, ensuring that they master their instrument and understand its limits and functionality.
  • Internet-based lessons: Using Skype as our medium, we offer lessons to students worldwide. There are many satisfied and successful students on this program who benefit from our Internet-based lessons, enabling them to develop their musical skills or musical career right from their homes.
  • Performance: Performing is much more than stepping out and entertaining people. Interpretation of music, conveying the mood, use of the PA system, recording in studio or performing on stage — these are all essential and integral parts of a successful performance, and we train our students in all these areas.

About Prime Music Academy

Ten years ago, we started as a small home-based business and grew to where we now have two studios in Wellington, one in Upper Hutt and one in Lower Hutt, a studio in Whitianga, and one in Coromandel. Our teaching staff has grown from one to more than eight, well versed in a variety of musical disciplines.

For a fresh approach to musical education, where you are taught and coached in a safe environment, enquire about lessons in your chosen musical area today.