East Coast Tour, the Sequel !

Another high-intensity US East Coast swing, keep ’em coming !  Started in Richmond Virginia… 5 shows in 3 days..that’s the way I like to hit it haha!  Kids Are Heroes, a youth charity supported by local entrepreneur Pat Hull and Virgin International’s Sir Richard Branson, was the highlight… so many young smiling faces and so much heart. Along with Kids Are Heros, 28 other charities will be given donations from the event.  Kudos to all those who organised and were part of making it happen!  One show after another, whether a fundraising dinner serenading Richard Branson at the Museum of Fine Art or rocking the rowdy fans at the RVA Music Festival in downtown Richmond, I enjoyed every minute!      

While in Richmond I was also fortunate to get a chance to hang out and hear some amazing gospel singing… love love love the gospel sound!!  In New Zealand we have great choirs but there is something so very special about a gospel choir in the US…what an amazing sound ! What a treat!  Thanks James and choir director Larry Bland for inviting me to your fantastic Sunday afternoon performance!     Then came a bunch of shows in the tri-state area …. Touche, The Ritz, Maritime Hotel, Therapy, etc.  New York City is so fun to perform in… the city that never sleeps had me up all night haha!!!    

By the way ….some wonderful news this week …my new US release “Complicated” has now hit No 3 on the Billboard Charts in the Breakout Hot Dance Club Play chart … sandwiched between C&C Music Factory and Adele, pretty amazing company !! Woo-hoo !! So excited and thankful to the many DJ’s and Radio stations who have added my song to their playlists…oh yeeeaaahhh!!!!  And Bobby, Orlando and Bernadette, you guys are working hard and making it happen, you are awesome!
Heading back over in November, for the LA Music Awards ceremony (nominated in two categories!), east and west coast shows, tapings, and collabs … third time’s a charm !!    

On a special note… my thoughts and prayers go out to the family of my special friend Mike who has just passed away…lots of love to you guys…
Anita xx