Words and Music by Anita Prime, Ron Thaler, Sammy Costa, Ace Beatz © 2008

Verse 1
They never thought you’d be somebody
They never thought you’d amount to much at all
They never thought you’d make somebody
Turn their head, wave their hands, Oh
Look at you now, in those bright lights
A sweet sweet princess on the stage tonight
Making dreams come true in the real world
Somebody they all wanna know

Still waiting for the mistake to break
She don’t mind she know she not perfect
Looking ahead got her goals alright
Got the will and thinking, not gonna take no, no

Oh, she don’t care what they say, she gonna make it anyway
She gonna hold on to her destiny

Verse 2
They never thought you’d be a household name
Mistakenly assumed about your fame
Even now they’re too proud to admit it
They got it all wrong
You was always gonna be a star
You didn’t let them break you down too far
That’s why you where you are
Strength from within is not a sin but her Saviour



Critics said I wouldn’t make it
Losers said I move faking
Funny how when you’re making
People’s start to jibba jabbin
Don’t really care what they say
Live for Jah everyday
Down for the cause, write my rhymes
For my people here to stay
Gotta move, got the message
Destiny up in my session
Doubters and unbelievers
Negative try defeat ya
Positive be my healer
Tryna be like my Creator
Do my thing, endure my purpose
Here on earth, until Jah surface

Oh they couldn’t break her
No they couldn’t steal the show
They couldn’t stop her, no, no, no