Hand On Your Heart

Lyrics and Music by Anita Prime, Ron Thaler, Ace Beatz © 2009

The words I’ve been waiting for
What ya say now, what ya say now, what ya say now

Verse 1
I see you’re tryna say
All the things I wanna hear
Gotta let you know I heard, I’ve heard it all before
Don’t underestimate, I can read right through it all
Not gonna make the same mistake, time and time again
I put my trust in God above and not in man or love
Don’t even try to lie to me
You know where that will go

Hand on your heart
‘Cause I don’t think you can, think you can at all
You gotta put ya, hand on your heart
‘Cause I don’t think you can, think you can at all

Verse 2
The call the other day
My girl in tears she say
Her man been real busy
Busy playing the game
o a man I give no part until I see transparency
His eyes on me so intensely
You know where that will go, oh


Does it scare you baby I can see right through it
Not your moves gonna fool me
Not the mood or your story
May as well stop calling
I’m not falling for empty words and promises
Told you before been there done that
And threw the photograph away

Verse 3
Let me help you out
You’re looking like you don’t know what just hit
Like many girls the game of life has played us made us quit
Notions, tokens, my emotions don’t control me, I admit
I’m the kind a girl, I will rock your world, I’m legit
Don’t you see