Just So You Know (The Prodigal)

Anita Prime, Ron Thaler © September 2009

My love, my love

I guess you’re going
I guess I’m staying
I see you’re ready won’t delay
I guess you’ve made up your mind
And now you need to find your way

Just so you know
My love will always be as high as the heavens
And it flows deeper than the valleys below

Just so you know,
My love will always be like the stars above
Shinning down on your smile through every trial, my love

Verse 2
This love couldn’t grow, just so you know
I would live, die for you
Think about you every night
Every day
It doesn’t go away

Guess you could say
Sand on the sea shore
Could never amount
To what I hold in my heart
Even if we’re apart


I’ll be keeping the light on leaving the candle burning
Waiting for you to come home, waiting for you love
So when the sun won’t shine put your hand in mine
I’ll be waiting
Keeping the light on, keeping the candle burning

I’ll be waiting for you
You’re always on my mind
Just so you know