CANADIAN MUSIC WEEK … Not Just For Canadians !!! :)

After our appearance on CTV’s Canada AM television show (6:30am stage call, say what ???… hahaha) I was so excited to be singing again in Toronto! The Canadian Music Week Festival invited us to perform in two prestigious venues, Toronto’s “Hard Rock Cafe” on Thursday the 10th and the wonderful “Opera House” on Saturday the 12th…The Canadian vibe, man it was really super strong, the band and I had alot of fun…Pink’s rhythm guitarist Kat Lucas sat in with us for the gigs in T.O., she was fab !…
Melissa, our roving PR monster machine, scored us a second fantastic TV appearance this week, an interview on CITY TV’s (part of the CTV network) popular national entertainment show “Out There” with Melissa DiMarco …. Such a gracious host, and so interactive 🙂 What a thrill !
The last performance was on Indie Love Radio, a live simulcast broadcast from the media suite set up for CMW at the Royal York Hotel in downtown Toronto…. What a riot, what great energy !! …Some really fantastic muscians….lots of links and photos below for you to view…
I’m very much looking forward to the next time I’m with you guys again, my Torontonians….Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the welcome and the great affection and support!! …. and oh yeah,  my gift to you, my newest video, “Destiny”, it’s now rotating on MuchMusic and rocking the Canadian TV-waves !
Next stop…New York….pizza, pretzels, here I come!!
All my love,
Anita xx

Photo’s (Indie Love Radio): Tony Tobias, Toronto Canada

Photo’s (The Opera House/Indie Love Radio/Melissa DiMarco): Melissa Bessey

Photo’s (Hard Rock Cafe): J.P. Leclerc