Christmas in New Zealand

Flip flops, barbeques, beaches and ice blocks … the New Zealand way at Christmas!…and I was happy to be home for it this year!!

So nice to have family around and take some time to chill a little.  I hope you all had a fantastic time with friends and loved ones…a special time for many but also a hard time for others.  My heart goes out to my friends and family in Christchurch that had to go through another major earthquake two days before Christmas where many houses went without power and water…you guys are soldiers and you have our support, love and respect!

Leading up to Christmas there were lots of shows and I was so honoured to be asked to sing and feature in my home town at the “Christmas in the Square” … where the Mayor of Palmerston North greeted and congratulated me on my years successes (photo below) … It was an amazing feeling to sing with my band in my home town … where I haven’t sung in about 7 years.  The crowd were amazing and I can’t wait until the next time.  MC’d by an old school friend and now a DJ on one of the major radio stations in the country, the day was fantastic from start to finish (despite the rain lol)!

“Christmas in the Park” in Porirua, Wellington was also a fantastic success and the crowd were amazing…lots of friends I haven’t seen in a while were there also which was an added bonus!

It was nice to have a show where the States comes to NZ haha … and K-Ci & Jo Jo did just that.  They did a fantastic show here in Wellington where I had the honor of performing at the after party…and having an evening full of humour and fun as we hung out to the early hours of the morning.

In this last month the Mayor of Wellington (capital of NZ) also sent me a letter of congrats and had me come to her office to meet…such an honor and experience to engage with such a fantastic person who genuinely cares for her city and works so hard to bring about positive changes…man I was getting a history lesson in there…it was amazing lol!

This last year has been so amazing and has definitely been a year of “first’s”… so grateful to everyone around me who has championed me along the way…I love you all so much and wish you God’s blessings for the New Year ahead.