Mad Mike not so mad!

It was so exciting going to Florida…my fist time ever and I had an extra day to explore!  First stop was to attend to some business, and check the backline out for the St. Petersburg All Star Rock Tour concert.  The place was quite a surprise with no studio sign out front …outside it looked like an old 1920’s movie theatre, we were wondering if we got the address wrong…but walking inside was like finding hidden treasure. An amazing of the biggest I’ve seen, and used by the best….J Lo !  Antique and specialized gear everywhere, with an amazing staff…..who could have known!?!  They keep it on the down low and exclusive, and I can see why! So I met one of the super-tech’s there, “Mad Mike” …he not only fixes the gear but also invents gear to use….I tell you it was like devouring chocolate, listening to him speak and learning and exploring his cavern of inventions, toys and tricks, wires, concoctions, you name it …I thought I was going to get to explore Tampa the City, but instead I marvelled like a student in a science class learning about and being introduced to never before seen instruments…it was unbelievable!  

The “All Star Rock Tour” show was 20 mins away in St. Petersburg, Florida. It was held in a beautiful 2500 seat theatre on the bay next to a museum.  Once again I had the privilege to open for this great bunch of guys, such a amazing band of top 40 singers/musicians…and to be accompanied by my New York band was amazing!  The audience was energetic and embracing as always, I think I made a few people blush !! haha….I enjoyed having fun with you all….you were fantastic! 
Thank you for all the beautiful comments and messages I have received since the show…I look forward to the next time I am in Florida…this time was far too short!   Lots of love to you all! Anita x