R&B in the R’n Bar!

Back in New York City baby, third time since January, its on!… 4am starts, here we go again haha!
Back from Europe after some fantastic shows, headed straight into rehearsals to get ready for the next two weeks of shows in the US.
So good to be working again with my amazing NYC band…so talented and easy to work with! First show on Thursday 19 May was at the R-Bar…talk about an amazing night … The place was packed out, roudy, and dancing and singing with me. I had a couple of guys from the crowd up with me rocking the La La La hand tutting moves…for 10 minutes…was so much fun…you know that was the longest version I have done of that song everrrrrr lol.
We also had the film crew for the reality tv series “Almost Famous” covering the show…I can’t wait to see the footage…such a good night!
Next show Rock-chester NY with the”All Star Rock Tour”…yeeeaahhh!! Enjoy the pics 🙂 Love
Anita x