Rocking it out in Europe

One of these trips im actually going to get a few days to take a good look around London haha…always such a short visit!  At least I did get to see Trafalgar Square from a double-dekka bus which was cool!   Another great couple of shows on the 5th & 7th of May (was a cool buzz to hear that Suga Babes, Miley Cyrus and REM had sung on the same stage!)…the crowd were amazing and I was my normal cheaky self lol, got that fellow blushing hard out !! :):)   I was happy to see some beautiful weather in the UK after coming from a wet and soggy Wellington! …I think I should do an All-Year Summer Tour, sunshine and street cafes all the way…anyone wanna come?   After the shows in London I headed to Paris for a few days…great meetings, vibes and mega yum off to the big apple to kick off a tour in the US.   I miss my home and beautiful family, but I love my fans and the shows we’ve been doing…always a great feeling traveling and connecting with my peeps far and wide !   So next show’s in NYC on the 19 May on The Bowery, gonna be a rockin’ one !   Take care and God bless, Anita xx