Shows, Videos and Recordings…

What a hectic start to the year it’s been, and now I look at the calendar and February is now over. Time certainly goes fast when you are busy and enjoying what you do.  So what’s been happening in the life of Anita Prime. Well after a peaceful Christmas/New Year spent with friends and family it was back to work in early Jan. The first major show for the year was the Les Mills GFX Extravaganza, this was held in Auckland and I opened the show along with my troupe of dancers lead by Chaz Cummings (NZ Got Talent 2008 winner). We were followed by an amazing performance from J Geeks, what a great bunch of guys and fantastic artists. It was great to meet them and share our passion for what we do.  The day finished with a walk around Auckland and another evening performance for the Les Mills crowd. I would like to thank all those that helped to put this together and make it a success, it was an amazing production and unforgettable few days!

Next on the agenda was to start filming my next music video, what song and what concept. I enlisted an amazing film maker Nicole Hardie who came up with some great concepts and after some artistic debate over what we would do it was decided to film a video to Rain. This is one of my favourite songs from the Destiny album….so I am extremly excited to do this!

The scene was set at a beautiful stone church in Stokes Valley (St. Phillips) and culminated with me standing under a shower of freezing cold water at 11.30pm on a balmy Saturday night. Sounds crazy but it worked and the finished product is going to be outstanding.  We are looking at a release date in April after this I will have it up on my website and on YouTube, iTunes etc for you all to view. So excited!!

Once again I want to thank all of my support crew, Birdie who help with the choro, Alysse Olivia, AJ Fleetham and Aly Hope for makeup and hair, Mr G for keeping us feed and to all of Nicole’s crew that made it all happen. You guys are amazing!

In between all this I have been writing some new songs for my next album. I have already been in talks with my producer Ron Thaler who is so keen to do my next project, it’s great to work with someone of the calibra and enthusiasm that Ron Thaler brings to every project he puts his hands on. More on this soon…

Early February I got asked to do some work with a Pink Floyd tribute band called “Eclipse.”  This was a sold out outdoor concert held at Stonehenge Aotearoa just out of Carterton, New Zealand.  It was great to be involved with this and perform to a very appreciative crowd and for me to experiment with a different style of music. It was also great to work with highly skilled musicians that are amazing at what they do.

So that’s about it for the first two months of 2014, the rest of the year looks to shaping up to being one of the best. With support from my family and friends I know that this year will be a successful for me and I look forward to sharing all the highs and some lows with you all.

Take care and God Bless,

Love Anita xx