Back in New York…oh yeeeaaahhh, baby !…love the lights, the nightlife, the action! So on with the show !
This one is at one of the city’s landmark music venues, Arelene’s Grocery, a converted bodega in NYC’s lower east side…an amazing vibe…a great stage, lights and sound…it was rocking!  I had the privilege of working with a (new) killer band, another group of amazing musicians all uniting to help me showcase in the Big Apple…one the back up singer for Amy Grant; one who played for Lauren Hill; one who has worked with so many great artists including Alicia Keys, Sarah McLachlan, Rob Thomas…again I felt extremely humbled and privileged to be backed and energized by such amazing talent… We did a live recording and video-taping of the 45 minute set, a little eye and ear candy, will post it for the seeing real soon !!
Thanks so much my faithful brothers and sisters for all the beautiful comments that came flooding in regarding the performance…Its so nice to know that I have such supportive people around me, and fans who come trekking around the globe with me when I’m away from home…Knowing you guys are behind me means everything to me !
OK it’s off to Los Angeles for an awards ceremony, a tv show taping, and a giant roller-coaster or two !! Woo-hoo ! … all coming in the next installment my peeps !
Love you long time, Sincerely,
Anita xx