Awesome Autumn

The 1st of this month saw us in NZ celebrate the official end of our summer and welcome in the beauty of a south pacific autumn.  With the sun still shining long into the late afternoons and the temperatures at a level that we can all enjoy it makes for a happy life.

The last month has again been a busy one (wouldn’t expect much else) with lots of highlights shared with those dear to me i.e. family and friends.

Some of the highlights of the last few weeks include, my three weekly radio hour on Hutt City radio with the one and only Mr Mike Dee. This was an interesting hour as we discussed the pros and cons of strong management for budding and established artist’s. My friend and manager Mr G. was there and Mike was only too happy to get his views and opinions on how best to work with and help artists to get established. We also played some of my favourite songs from the Destiny album, so looking forward to being back on air next Wednesday at 2.00pm local time.

I was pleased to have been asked to perform at the Legacy Centre in my old home town of Palmerston North. It was so good to be surrounded by amazing people old and new friends and to perform to such a wonderful audience. The day was full of music laughter and love and it was a pleasure to have been a part of this wonderful day.  After the performance the Centre gave away nearly 400 hangi’s (a New Zealand Maori delacacy) for free to a very poor community … so amazing to see everybody line up… go Legacy Centre!!

Later in the day I drove a couple of hours to perform at a community Festival in the southern Wellington suburb of Kilbirnie. It is always a pleasure to be asked to perform at these events as it is a great opportunity to perform for people in a relaxed and happy atmosphere, the afternoon was filled with local talent including my friend Daniel Harding who is about to release his debut album. I was blown away by the reception I received to my performance and was only too happy to finish with an encore of my title song Destiny.

My thanks go to the organisers of the event and I look forward to being part of it again next year

So there you have a few of my standout moments for the last few weeks. I hope that all of you have had your fair share of life’s highlights over the last few weeks and no matter where you are in the world that you are blessed by friend’s, family and music from the heart.

Lots of love,

Anita xx