Happy New Year 2014!

Well what an exciting couple of months it’s been. Firstly on Sat the 19th Oct (seems so long ago lol) I was invited to perform at the National Women’s Vibe conference in Wellington. This was a very exciting opportunity to meet with some wonderful people. I would like to thank Janet Xuccoa and Otila Osborne for inviting me to this event. Also a special thanks to my manager Mr G , he was the only male in the room and he did a wonderful presentation in front of a room full of women and set that stage for my performance. After the event we mixed and mingled and met as many people as we could and I was  excited and thrilled that everyone enjoyed my performance so much , it was great to be up there on stage and I look forward to the next event in August next year.
For the second year in a row I was one of the judges at the National Karaoke champs held in Petone along with Maaka Fiso (NZ’s X Factor finalist) and Brannagan Karr (NZ top ten charting artist), and Miyuki Utsumi Potaka (One of Japans top charting artists)…who I was honoured to judge alongside.

I was treated to an amazing array of talent. Congratulations to local singer Myikah Asoval for taking it out with an outstanding performance. He went on to Finland and represented New Zealand so well that he got second in the world…amazing!! To all the other contestants you were all incredible and I look forward to seeing and hearing a lot more from you all. Being at this contest made me realise again just how much talent we have in this country.

The next couple of weeks are going to be so busy, I am busy preparing for a show in Auckland for a Les Mills conference in late Jan plus I have been asked to perform with Eclipse (a Pink Floyd Tribute band). I performed with the band for the first time in Masterton on 9th November, now really looking forward to the next performance in Stonehenge.  Check out the details in the link below!
Well that’s about all for now, I hope you all have a safe and prosperous week.

Lots of Love,

Anita x