New Year New Challenges

As we now have welcomed in 2016 I have had an opportunity to look back on what was a challenging exciting and a full year in 2015. There were so many highlights for me both business wise and personally.

My top moments for performance’s have to be the singing of the national anthem at our ANZAC day service back in April and then being asked to perform on Sky Sports for the NBL Basketball final’s. That was an outstanding night in the year and possibly the only time in, my life I will get to have a Gorilla as a dance partner while I sing on television.

I have also performed numerous times in my home town of Palmerston North which has been a great opportunity to catch up with friends and family.

So the more I look back on 2015 I do so with a smile of contentment as I know that I have enjoyed every opportunity to perform and entertain and I have taken my love of music and performing to a lot of people and we have shared some amazing moments.

On a personal note 2016 has heralded a new start for my family and I. After 9 years of working and living in Upper Hutt I have decided to relocate north to the beautiful Whitianga, this is a place that I love dearly and it gives me an opportunity to be closer to my parents who moved here last year.  It will also give me the chance to write new material and to perform to new audience’s.

So this year is one of change and challenge and one that I cannot wait to get stuck into. Already my calendar is filling up with exciting opportunities. My manager and I have set some new goals for me to work towards and that includes new material for my next album as well as performing in some new territories that we are currently exploring.

I look forward to sharing with all of my friends my new ventures, challenges and triumphs as the year progresses. So now I would like to wish every one of you my sincere blessing and best wishes for a safe and prosperous 2016 for you and you families. Be safe in everything you do and take peace from the love that we share. God bless 🙂

Yours always,