Back Over The Water…

Man I have been judging quite a few talent shows lately…have got the world karaoke championship competition coming up that I have been asked to be a judge at …winner goes to Finland … not a bad prize aye?! Had fun singing for 800 boys at St. Pat’s last week … you guys were impressive … and by the way, thank you for the invitations to your school prom…very thoughtful 🙂
So now I’m back overseas…in Victoria Canada and heading to Vancouver later tonight.  I’ve been working on some new material and very much looking forward to getting it out.  Was very privileged and honored to work with Michael Jackson’s former bass player Rick May, along with Matt Gibbs from Electric City Studios (such a fantastic place to record, what a vibe !) and of course the legend, producer/drummer/blondie boy extraordinaire Ron Thaler.
From Vancouver I head to New York for more collabs and new projects … Sweet !  … looking forward to getting behind the wheel and driving there too, even if these people drive on the wrong side of the road!  lol … will keep you all posted about the trip… !
‘Till soon my peeps !  Hope you guys are all well !

Anita xx