Bungy Tutorial

What do you get when you mix two parts Kiwi, one part dangling seat, and one part producer ordering his artist into a gulley?  Answer; BUNGY SWING MADNESS!!

Took a few days with friends and family, to stop and smell the roses, you know what I mean?  We’ve been working so hard and achieved so many great things, I figured what better time than this to catapult myself into the fright of my life!  Man it was awesome!  Check out the video, Shannon and I decided what better way to freak out, than to buddy up.  That first tumble felt like forever…nice warning bungy lady, thanks for that… and Wayne beautiful Fear Factor footage! Ahhhhhhhhh…

So now that my stomach is back in its proper place we head up to Auckland for a major PR event at York Street Studios, and then a junket to the States, Europe, and… you guessed it Israel!…

You’ll be hearing from me soon my friends, photos and peeps galore!

Love you all!