The big build up is now over… I Can Finally Breathe

Well, the big build up is now over … phew!!  I can finally breathe haha 🙂

The video shoot for ‘La La La’ went extremely well …the people, the location, and the vibe!!  I’m still new at this… my second video ever…but in the hands of James from Fish n Clips and Ron my producer it was an awesome day!  Such a buzz !

The ‘Director of Photography’ was flown in from Christchurch, an industry veteran of over 30 years filming movies, commercials etc.  A great guy with an excellent eye for angles, shadows, lighting etc.  The ‘Stills Photographer’ came in from Wellington, she did an amazing job in capturing the day…behind the scenes, on set, etc…over 1000 shots !! 🙂 A few of these photos will be up for you to see very soon.

And also 3 choreographers, one from Thailand and two from Auckland who did an amazing job…  The backing dancers were from USA, France, Hong Kong and the Auckland region… they did me proud and I’m looking forward to working with them again very soon.

Starting a couple of days previous to the shoot, an independent film company began taping  behind-the-scenes footage to compile a “Making Of…” video for La La La… they worked tirelessly, capturing dance rehearsals, production meetings, and key interviews with performers and the creative staff.

Half a dozen hair and makeup artists worked vigorously throughout the day, attending to ten dancers, a diver, brother tumblers, and 3 wardrobe and style changes by myself, and did an absolutely fantastic job!!

All in all an absolutely great day, which I will remember for a long time to come!!   Thank you team!  🙂