Introducing Mr. Graeme!!

Thankfully the week started off without too much movement or disruption to our lives unlike last week. Spent the weekend in my hometown in Palmerston North finish off the filming of new video. Thanks so much to everyone who was there to help me and especially George who made the video happen. Can’t wait to show you all the finished result!

No shows this weekend… so time to have my head buried in my studio recording and writing… yey!

Spending this morning planning my next trip to the States and looking at going in October…more on that later.

Recently I have been working with a new manager, Graeme Hardie. We met at a show, he loved my performance and music and offered to manage me on the spot….what are the chances aye?!  Timing was perfect! He is amazing and I’m so glad and privileged to have this opportunity to work with him!….so far it’s been an exciting journey now very much looking forward to what the rest of the year holds!

Have a great week everyone, stay safe,
Love Anita