(Not so) Deed Sea Scrolls

Sand in my toes, tortilla in dry clothes, Big Ben with my stuffy nose, and enough time to know that the Clink is not the go.  So whipping through London, 12 hours in Madrid, and now down the mountain from Masada, this girl is spent…totally! This junket, well Ron (my producer) has really pushed the limits, time zones, people and places.  Each one so different, each one amazing in its own right.

Tel Aviv has so much energy even on the Sabbath.  Now it’s time for me to see if I can float as well in the T.A. surf as I did in the salty Dead Sea near Jerusalem…thankfully here the beaches have break waters, so float or not I’m sure to survive 4 feet of water haha.

Lots of love…next broadcast from the Eiffel Tower 🙂