What A Year!

Why has it been sooooo long??? Well surprisingly there was very little time allowed between laundry, yard duty and lock down, not to mention the internet is not at its best behind high walls…. lol, I joke…as it has been a long time since I’ve put pen to paper, but honestly though, it’s been one amazing year and it’s about time I caught you all up, so apologies for being away for so long!!

Since I last wrote, I’ve been involved in some fantastic charity events with our local Whiti Gospel Choir which I put together for the Mercury Bay Music Festival last year. Since the festival, it has really taken off and we have had many opportunities to perform throughout the Bay.

Also, one of the highlights last year was performing in Palmerston North at the Kirihimete Ki Takaro 2016 event in December. Hosted by the Legacy Centre, it was a free event for the community with one of the largest hangi (an indigenous traditional meal cooked in the ground) given out I’ve ever seen. I think approximately 1000 plates were served up… amazing! Hosted by Sio Vaelua & MC Nat Lover, the crowds were entertained by talent such as Pacifica Pride, Josiah Nolan, Lockdown 06, DJ Dirty Hairy, MC Nat Lover, Tyra Barker and Tama, with special guests Strike Percussion and the Unified Gospel Choir, which I had the privilege of performing alongside.

Kirihimete Ki Takaro 2016 – Palmerston North

My crew and I, (the amazing Helen Rhind & Bryan Mwaka) then headed down to Wellington for my Prime Music Academy’s end of year concert. We managed to pull off an awesome event even though quite a few of the staff (including myself) and some of the students suddenly came down with a very fast acting stomach bug right on the night… haha…. we laugh now, but at the time it was… “the show must go on”, in between copious visits to the bathroom, lying on the floor backstage and downing ginger beer as fast as we could to help settle everything. We survived and still managed to pull it all off thankfully :0)

Prime Music Academy End of Year Concert – My amazing teachers

The start of summer in January this year, saw me and “my crew” performing some of my own material at the Mercury Bay Summer Festival. I also got to showcase a couple of new songs I’ve been working on which was exciting to do for the first time. Since then I have been working with my Producer Ron Thaler in getting these songs recorded and ready for release…. So, watch this space… a couple of singles coming your way real soon!

Me and my “crew” performing at the Mercury Summer Festival

Great turnout at Whiti Summer Festival

We had another awesome Mercury Music Festival on Queens Birthday Weekend where I performed at the Whitianga Hotel with the incredible Louie Shelton Band backing me. Anita Prime Performance That weekend was topped off with the best production to date (maybe slightly bias there haha), performed by the Whiti Gospel Choir. Two Tongan youth groups also joined us in showcasing great History Makers to song, dance and audio-visual effects. Despite a town wide power cut just 3 minutes prior to the show kicking off, it was an incredible performance. This was mainly thanks to Whitianga Hire across the road, who just happened to be on site (given it was a Sunday afternoon), and offered us a generator for free. We also happened to have 4 electricians ready to watch the show chip in and they got it all set up in no time. Such generosity and community spirit!!! In conjunction with promoting the festival, the Whiti Gospel Choir and myself also got to perform for TV1’s Live Breakfast show, which was a first for most of them to be on television.

Whiti Gospel Choir – Mercury Music Festival Queens Birthday Weekend

Performing with the Whiti Gospel Choir – Mercury Music Festival

Early start for the Whiti Gospel Choir (TV1 Good Morning Breakfast show)

The film crew – TV1 Good Morning Breakfast show

Performing in the Bay over the time I’ve been living here has brought about some fantastic opportunities to work with local musicians/artists also. Recently I’ve found myself teeing up with the Mercury Bay Big Band run by Helen Lee and several performances have ensued…. Recently we performed together at a charity event fundraiser that ran over two nights. They are such delight to work with and how blessed am I because I actually get to have so much fun while I work!!! (especially with that crazy drummer girl… who is she again?) Haha…

Performing with the Mercury Bay Big Band

We’re nearly there folks…. I will endeavour not to ever leave it this long between blog entries again lol, (if for no other reason than I need to look after my PA’s smoking hot fingers… she’s missing her dictation app right about now…haha).

Ok so let’s wrap this up…. What’s coming up you ask? Apart from a few smaller shows, end of year performances and the usual Christmas events over the next couple of months, summer is just around the corner YAY!!!, and I’m looking forward to performing next at the Mercury Bay Summer Festival in Whitianga, January 08 2018. I’ll be singing my new singles so it will be awesome to see my fans there. In the meantime, take care and we will chat again soon.

Lots of Love to you all,

Anita x