New Video Coming…

Enjoying the last of the sunshine here in New Zealand before the colder days kick in!  Over the last couple of months I’ve been busy working on my next album and recording lots of new songs.  One of my latest…my favourite at the moment haha is “River.”  It’s about the essence of a true friend…one who never stops believing in you, never leaves you alone even if they think you’re making a mistake in the decision you’re making at the time…but they stick by your side through it all and still remain there for you when things crumble around you.  I’m so excited to let you know that I’ve just finished doing a photoshoot for River in my home town, Palmerston North, New Zealand and can’t wait to share it with you when it’s finished…until then there’s a few photos below for you.

A big thank you to my amazing crew for the day Matt Soong, Sam Tairia, Nate Bowring, Blake Pulman, Sammy Costa, Kiri Williams and Bridget from Hero’s On the Grove Hairdressers, Michelle Seldberg, Timothy Beale, Joye Prime, Christine Conroy, George Proctor, Regent Theatre, Verdicts Café, the Fish Cocktail Bar Had a fun interview with Tararua TV the day after…thank you George for your continual coverage of my career and support as an artist … you’re amazing! I feel so blessed to have so many people so ready to go the extra mile for me…thank you all so much!  xxx